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A doggy toy isn’t just for Christmas… Yes we all know that a live puppy isn’t just for Christmas, though neither are their toys so to speak.  All dog owners (well most) will know that it is important to understand how any product is made.  Are the materials sustainable and will they hurt my dog? How long will the toy last? Etc. etc. 

Here are the top 5 dog Toys;

  1. Best Dog Toy for Boredom.  Is the Kong!  Durable, safe and rubber. This toy keeps your pet entertained all day long.  You can’t get away from the results the Kong gives. 
  1. Best Dog Toy to keep your doggy happy is a Plush toy.  
  1. The best interactive toy is the Kong Puzzle toy.  It is something for a bored doggy whether they are at home alone or with you.  Interesting fun to be had for hours.
  1. Best ethically sourced materials Dog Toy is from the rope family. Small dogs and puppy’s will take comfort in The Bunny . Tug of war rope toys with both all-natural and organic hemp, making them strong, sustainable, and harmless when swallowed are the best ethically sourced material toys. Because let’s be honest, pieces of tug rope will inevitably get into your doggy’s digestive system.  
  1. The most widely sold dog toy is a simple ball.  There are products out there called The Chuck it!  Which quite obviously has something a bit more than a spherical shape happening.  Though, if you wanted to have the most fun with your animal, then you have to get them a ball.  

They are the best toys in their area on the market today.  Honestly, all our pets really need is something to chew upon when they are at home, and catch when they are out.  Oh and some good food, great company and long walks in the fresh air.  Plus one of their piers to play with.  

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