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A bit of luxury at Christmas time

When it comes to deciding what is best for your pooch, many if not all of us will want the best of the best. This means adding some luxury to their lifestyle
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  1. Like humans our pets need food water, that means you’ll need something to serve it in. Anti scoff bowls are popular, as are metal bowls and not just for their durability either.  
  2. Our pets feel the cold just as much as the warmth.  In this case a doggy coat is in order.  Think ahead and choose a coats for winter and summer.  
  3. It’s important to choose the right collar for your pet too.  Check sizing before purchasing. 

Last but not least a lead, to go with that fancy collar you’ve had your eye on.  Now many pet owners will opt for a harness type lead ensemble as this is safer and more comfortable for your new or old friend.

Top 5 doggy sport styles

As our focus this month is doggy sports, here are our top five doggy sports styles and some links to our site for what you may need when doing or thinking about taking part in any of these sports.

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This fleece fluffy dog jacket made especially to be cuddle-proof for those extra hugs throughout the day!

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