As our focus this month is doggy sports, here are our top five doggy sports styles and some links to our site for what you may need when doing or thinking about taking part in any of these sports.  


Bikejoring is a sport in which a single dog or a team of harnessed dogs, fastened to a bike using a towline, must run ahead pulling the rider along on a bike. The sport evolved from and is sometimes used to train sledge dogs in the dog sledging off-season.


Canicross is a variant of the cross-country running sport, in which runners have to complete a running course accompanied by their dogs. The sport originated in Europe as an off-season training activity for sledging dogs and gained a lot of popularity to become a standalone sport on its own.

Disc Dog

Disc dog, also called frisbee dog, is a type of dog sport that Most of disc dog competitions are distance catching and choreographed freestyle catching. A team of one dog and one person can compete in the “toss and fetch” event. Points are awarded for certain distances.

Some of these competitions involve the dynamic freestyle event, which consists of choreographed techniques with music and multiple discs on display. There are categories based on the skills and experiences of the handler, but the long-distance category is divided by gender.


Dog Agility

Dog agility is a canine sport in which dogs have to navigate through a course that has various types of obstacles, under the direction of a handler. The competition is a test for both, the accuracy of following instructions, and the time taken to complete the course. 

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