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When choosing the reigns for your doggy, it’s not just a collar and a lead you’ll need.  Some deliberation will be needed for a harness too.  It makes sense to equip your doggy with something more safe and secure wherever they are in their journey through life.  A harness gives you more control and peace of mind that your doggy is more comfortable too. 

  1. A harness overall allows you to keep more control over your pup. When purchasing your new friend you may like to think about how you would like to train him/her.  A harness will be gentler, allow you to have more control right from the get go. It’s not just a puppy, a harness will give more control for any age or size doggy. 
  1. Harnesses with handles also gives you more control on a local level too.  This may be when you or your pet are uncertain of an environment i.e.. Meeting new dogs or on a path next to a road where the traffic is a bit hectic or even at a crossing where you can’t quite see around the bend.  For senior dogs, or dogs with mobility problems, having a handle on their harness can be a very useful aid.
  1. Harnesses are useful for dogs of all shapes and sizes.  Smaller dogs may find it a bit tricker to walk down any type of steps.  Therefore, a harness will assist in making it easier when you are walking them.  
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  1. Harnesses tend to be more secure: the large expanse of material and how it is placed around the dog reduces the risk of the doggy from becoming Houdini.  By that we mean our puppy’s are professional escape artists sometimes and may slip out.  A strong well designed harness will give you peace of mind. 
  1. Harnesses are known to keep your doggy calmer and the garment itself is overall more comfortable than just a collar and a lead. 
  1. A harness is easier to train with.  Your puppy can use a harness from day one.  Most puppy products are made this way.  Though it is best to check on the label or speak to the reseller for confirmation.  
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  1. A harness if well designed can evenly distribute pressure across your doggy’s chest and torso, so that no one area takes A well designed harness evenly distributes pressure across the dog’s chest and torso so that no one area of their body takes the full strain of any force when they’re on a lead. 
  1. A Harness reduces the risk of accidents.  When off-lead, the harnesses handle and leash attachment ring can be closed, helping prevent your dog getting caught on branches and other objects.
  1. A harness reduces the risk of neck injuries in dogs.  As you can imagine, our doggy’s like to pull on the lead sometimes.  When you are out for a walk, your pet may like to lead the way, and get to wherever it is you are going quicker.  This can be when you restrain him/her. 
  1. Remember to take your harness off and especially before sleep, there is an element of risk of skin infection if you leave your harness on for extended periods of time.  

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