A Bit of Luxury -Top 10  Luxury Doggy Accessories


  1. A luxury Harness.
  2. A timeless classic Dog Bed.
  3. A Stylishly practical  crate.
  4. A pullover for the coolest pup in town.
  5. A Dog Throw and a matching cushion for comfort.
  6. A fashion statement coat.
  7. A Classic Collar-And-Leash Combo!
  8. A Fanciful Way To Feed Your Dog!
  9. A greener Pet Shampoo For Luscious Locks!
  10. Luxury Doggy Toys! 

When it comes to deciding what is best for your pooch,  many if not all of us will want the best of the best.  This means adding some luxury to your doggy’s life. https://petzandprintz.co.uk/product-category/dogs/dog-accessories/

  1.  A luxury harness is something all doggy owners should have.  This option will last the longest, obviously when buying for a young dog, namely a puppy, you’ll have to allow for growth. 
  1. A timeless classic doggy bed is something that will be a staple in your pup’s growth.  A good bed is essential for everyone’s sleep and growth not just us, our pet’s too.  
  2. A stylish and practical crate is essential if you want to keep your pet safe when you go out or to keep them from wondering around the house when everyone in the house is asleep. 
  3. A snug warm pullover especially in the winter months is definitely more than just a bit of luxury. 
  1. A dog throw and a matching cushion for comfort is something you could include in your stylish crate.  We at Petz and Printz have many to choose from. 
  2. A fashion statement coat is something every dog should have to manage the cold and warmth in the winter and summer months. 
  3. A classic collar and leash combo is another staple in your puppy’s life from start to finish!  Walkies in style. 
  4. A fanciful way to feed your dog ie. A posh bowl for some posh nosh.  Why not add a matching water bowl. 
  5. Go green with your pet’s shampoo, they will thank you for it.  
  6. Last but not least the high end dog toy is built to last and is something quality that will keep him or her entertained for hours.


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