Top 10 Doggy Accessories - Shop the Range

When choosing any accessories for your pooch you will need an informed decision.  There are many sites with products online, though you need a trusted product provider.  Well, let’s face it, we are sourcing for our best friend and most loyal companion.  Petz and Printz bestsellers include some of the top products on the market today and with our search and select tool, we will go out of our way to source your product or closest to it. 

  1. Whether you are just bringing your doggy home or your loyal friend has already become a part of the furniture.  A dog collar is an essential part of your doggy’s accessories.  
  2. With that in mind you could say it’s time for walkies, obviously if you will have to consult your vet, family or people your purchased your new bundle of joy from, to establish when is best. Our leads are from leading brands and have been tried and tested by our influencers.
  3. Harnesses go hand in hand with our leads and collars and the fact that a harness is safer over all compared to just a lead.  Harnesses have a more supporting role and less likely to hurt your doggy if they pull on the lead.

4. A coat is essential, especially if it’s too hot or cold.  Our very British weather in Winter is a great give away when it comes to need.  It becomes too cold for a doggy when temperatures reach -4*C.  So purchasing a coat to keep them warm is paramount. Remember to measure your doggy to size them correctly. 

5. If you are intending to be out of the house for longer periods of time (check with a professional for maximum amount of time) and you need a place for your doggy to sleep, a crate is ideal.  Crate’s come in all shapes and sizes, so remember to size your doggy for this too.

6.A bed is also essential if you are not a fan of having them sleep with you (it is recommended that you have a separate space).  The bed can be used with or without a crate.
7. A dog food container can keep your product safer and fresher for longer compared to it’s original packaging.
8. Dog bowls, there are many to choose from, an anti-scoff – great for digestion, the non slip metal bowl– does exactly what it says and is durable, then you have the ceramic dog food bowl, which is also a favourite – easy to wash and covid safe. The list goes on.
9. The Dog Food mat is another favourite.  The need for a food and water bowl requires the need for a food mat, a non slip version to be precise.
10. And last but definitely not least a ball, Kong toy or at least a few toys, though not too many at a time as this could cause over stimulation.

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