Firstly if you’re pup is just starting out then you need softer and kinder materials.  Check with google, the people you purchased from and or your vet to discuss what is suitable for your new young furry friend. There are many decisions to make, however, it is best to start on the front foot so to speak.  Starting as you mean to go on, leaves better chances of winning first prize either in your local dog show or Crufts if you wanted to compete at a higher level.  Grooming your pup from the beginning, brushing all the extra hair out, and washing and clipping his toenails is the start. 

There are many groomers either local or further afield who will assist you in completing these tasks, their menu will be far more extensive than what you can generally manage by yourself.  That is why you should take your doggy on at least a few spa days per year, for the real groom effect.  

So, simply! Get clipping those toenails, keeping them trim once every month generally is best. However, as you can imagine, this varies for the type of breed you have. Petz and Printz have an extensive range of clipping tools for every stage and milestone your pup reaches. As mentioned above, it is best to use the vet’s opinion on how and what to groom your dog with.  

Grooming isn’t always to pamper or groom ie. to brush through the fluff, so to speak.  Grooming can also mean cleaning the stickiness out of the eyes and checking for ticks or other health areas.  We must remember that our groomers aren’t vets, they will have their specific roles.  Distinguishing is a whole other topic. 

It is so important to make time for your pet.  Apart from the obvious, you’ll have to make sure your doggy’s ears are cleaned (behind them also).  Also after clipping the nails, take a look in-between the paws too.   It’s best to order yourself a DIY Grooming kit for those in-between moments. 

Lastly, when choosing your Groomers, make sure they have certification especially if you would like them to check any health areas of your pup. 

The Petz and Printz Team

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