Summer selection for our very British holidays

Summer's on it's way so why not stock up on those summer essentials for a fun holiday with your pet. Travel sets, cooling products and beach toys.
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Dog Food Holiday Travel Set

Practical water and food container for on the go Consisting of a 2 l feed container and two 0.75 l bowls Feeding bowls are dishwasher safe non-slip bowls with rubber bottom Capacity: 2L / 2 x 0.75L

Ancol Cooling Coat

Hot and bothered dogs will be instantly refreshed by the Ancol Pet Cooling Coat. The vest can be plunged into water and put onto a hot dog to reduce the risk of overheating. This simple but effective process can be repeated whenever the vest dries out to keep your dog cool, happy, and healthy on hot days. The vest has a belly strap to ensure a snug fit.

Ancol Cooling Mat

The Ancol Pet Cooling mat is a clever and efficient way to ensure your dog is kept cool and comfortable in warm weather. The central Phase Change Material core instantly draws heat away and turns from solid to liquid. This intelligent PCM technology can reduce the temperature of a hot dog by 7°C and will last several hours, without relying on being cooled in the fridge or charged.

Petkin Sunscreen Spray

A specially formulated easy-to-administer cooling formula in a bottle creates a fine cooling mist spray for easy use and application. This ensures that both pets fur and exposed areas are covered with a layer of necessary sun protection. Sun can and does penetrate fur, so ideal for thick fur as you can be sure the lotion is well applied.