Summer Do's and Don'ts For Your Pet

  • DO: Pack Enough Water.
  • DO: Know What Heat Exhaustion Looks Like In Your Pet.
  • DO: Limit Exercise on Hot Days.
  • DO: Check for Fleas and Ticks.
  • DON’T: Leave your dog in a hot car.
  • DON’T: Make Your Dog Walk on Hot Surfaces.
  • DON’T: Assume Your Dog Can Swim.

Summer is here and don’t we all know it!  The thick air and desire to be beside the seaside is with us all!  Please remember it’s just as important for our pets to remain hydrated as it is us humans!  There are lots of great products on our site this year!  Please check out our Dog Beds!

golden retriever on the beach

The Do’s To Keeping Your Doggy Safe this Summer! 

DO: Keep your Pet Hydrated

Whether it’s a walk down the street or a run on a trail, it is 

Your pet gets thirsty too!  Water is essential to help cool us all down!  The water needs to be room temperature and not cold

The key signs of dehydration in your dog:

  • Wrinkled or loose skin
  • Dry gums
  • Excessive panting
  • Lack of appetite 

DO: Check for Heat Exhaustion  In Your Pet

A dog’s average body temperature is typically 100°F – 102.5°F. Whereas, heat exhaustion is generally classified as a body temperature over 103°F, with heat stroke being over 106°F. Every dog will have a different toleration capacity for the heat. 

DO: Limit Exercise on Hot Days.

You know what it is like for us human’s, well it is just the same for our pets, except our pets don’t get the choice! It’s the owner that drags them out even if they aren’t willing!  So, when it is really hot keep your pet indoors or under really good shade!  Preferably with lots of water! (remember not cold water). 

DO: Check for Fleas and Ticks

Warm weather does increase the likelihood of fleas and ticks.  The warm not hot temperatures with humidity in the summer give great conditions for the fleas and ticks breeding ground for both of these problem pests.

When out and about with your pet this summer be careful not to walk through problem areas high grass, sand, sheds and debris – places where they can find shade and humidity. Check here for areas; Where do fleas live

The Don’ts To Keeping Your Pet Safe

As you can imagine there many things you shouldn’t do with your pet in the summer sun.  Here are just a few; 

DON’T: Leave your dog in a hot car 

As is with a child, you must not leave any pet in the a hot car.  Even if it is just a quick visit to get a paper or milk.  You can never really tell if your going to bump into someone, or something may happen to you! Your car will quickly heat up even if it is parked within the shade. 

Being left in a hot car can lead to heatstroke, loss of internal organ function, and, unfortunately, even death. 

DON’T: Make Your Dog Walk on any Hot Surface!

In the summer, it is essential to be aware of the surface temperature your dog is walking on. Our pets don’t have shoes!  So, essentially they are bare foot (furry, but bare).  Some surfaces, such as asphalt, will absorb more heat than other surfaces, such as grass. Pet owners can check the temperature by placing the back of their hand on the ground for 15 seconds.

Be aware if your dog is prancing, or pulling to the grass – as these could be indications that the sidewalk is painful on their paws. 

DON’T: Assume Your Dog Can Swim 

Many dogs can swim for short periods; however, swimming takes a lot of energy, so keep an eye on your pet in the water. It is also crucial to fence in your swimming pool, as your dog could easily fall in and drown if they do not have proper supervision.

Summer is wonderful, though it’s not just ourselves we need to think about!  Enjoy yourself and your animal responsibly! Remember these tips and tricks to keep your pet safe during this time.

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