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Flecta Vizlite DT Dog Coat Fluorescent


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Flecta Vizlite Dog Jackets provide high visibility in all light conditions. The fluorescent yellow fabric ensures that a dog is easy to spot in any environment during the day, coupled with reflective tape on either side of the jacket which immediately reflects back light from any source at night (car headlights). The addition of a unique and innovative technology called “Vizlite DT” ensures that a dog can be easily seen even in complete darkness. Vizlite DT abosrbs light from any UV source (the sun or a bulb) and works like a battery to store the absorbed light. Then when there is no more light to absorb (in darkness), the stored energy is emitted as a bright glow which remains visible to the human eye for upto 8 hours thereafter. A Flecta Vizlite dog jacket charges in as little as 10 minutes depending on the light source. Between the inner and outer fabric is a layer of NASA developed Flectalon insulation, which works to reduce heat loss even in freezing tempertaures. Flecta Vizlite DT Jackets are showerproof to keep pets dryer for longer.

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45cm, 55cm