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Trident 3 in 1 500gm Bag For YBS


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Trident 3 in 1, Proven control of Young Bird
Sickness in 2016 & 2017, developed
over 4 years and trialled on birds in the UK and Europe this product has become
another winner, new bio-tech products enable us to control gut pH in your
pigeons. Using the latest encapsulated organic acids, we can by controlling gut
pH, deny viruses and bacteria the Alkaline conditions they need to survive and
cause disease, Betaine is also added to reduce stress and keep all body tissues
highly hydrated, again vitally important. Neo-SUL is the final ingredient to
detox liver, kidneys and body organs. Add to feedstuffs and or clean drinking
water.  Comes in 500gm Heat Sealed Poly Bag