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Rogz Fred Treat Ball Red


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The latest dog ball from ROGZ brings a funky new face to the treat ball.

Fred is a unique character in his own right, complete with some fetching pearly-white fangs that look more like veneers than teeth, and the coolest haircut of soft spikes that create that tingling sensation in a dog’s mouth, leading them to believe Fred is alive! These little spikes on the back of Fred are made from soft rubber that also succeeds in some minor teeth cleaning and gum massaging while the full function of the treat ball for feeding your fuzzy pals treats in an interactive manner is merely enhanced by these additional features.

Available in the medium size only and still in our 5 Rogzalicious colours. Fred is a must for most medium-to-large sized dog breeds such as the Dalmatian, Spaniel, Border Collie, Jack Russell and similar sized breeds.

If the features and benefits aren’t enough to entice you to add Fred to your dog’s burgeoning toy heap, just look at his adorable face and you’ll no doubt end up buying a Fred for yourself as well!

Treat toy with a funky new grin, stimulating and fetching soft rubber spikes for mild teeth cleaning and gum massaging

Material: Molded & Foam TPR