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Mobileaze EQ Bute Substitute for Horses


Calmavita Amorphous Calcium & Magnesium Powder For Horses 1200g

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PRO-COMPLETE Complete Balancer


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ProComplete Balancer. A unique nutritional combination, which covers the following as single complete product: Comprehensive Multivitamin, Natural anti-oxidant, Aminos (Lysine/Methionine), Hoof conditioner, Blood tonic, B-Complex, Digestive aid, Muscle/Bone Tonic, The ultimate ‘all-in-one’ equine balancer and conditioner. Ultimate quality ingredients, Optimum ratio of ingredients based on latest research for a balanced nutritional intake, Powerful ‘100% natural’ anti-oxidants, Optimum nutrients for bone development and maintenance. Suitable for all horses and ponies. C & T Test – Each batch is independently tested for Caffeine and Theobromine to ensure they are completely safe for competition horses. Up to 300kg – 30g-60g per day. 300-600kg – 60g-120g per day. Over 600kg – From 120g per day. 1 scoop = 75g