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Multi-Use Dog Harness Lead



Multi-Use Dog Harness Lead

Multi-Use Dog Harness Lead is the ideal solution for taking your dogs on their favourite walks. Our Multi-Use Dog Harness Lead makes it safe, convenient and comfortable to walk your dog. The Multi-Use Dog Lead lets you easily choose the best walking style for you! Whether you are taking them on a short walk, adventures through the woods, to get some fresh air and exercise, the Multi-Use Dog Harness Lead provides a reliable connection between you and your canine companions and helps you be ready for whatever your dogs need.


The Multi-function Dog Harness Lead enables you to enjoy the walk anyway you please with its 7 multi-uses. One lead, seven ways to use it! With over 2 metres in length, double ended 360 rotation clips; the Multi-Use Dog Harness Lead provides versatile control – great for adventures anywhere no matter the terrain or weather, or for a variety of training: you can make it a short leash for close control or heel training, a medium length for obedience training, long leash for recall training, hands free, double ended clips for 2 dogs, easy, supervised tethering, or attached to a harness. You can easily configure the lead to meet yours and your puppies needs whether you are training or out for a walk.


This Multi-Use Dog Lead is useful, comfortable and practical to use. With a no-nonsense set up you can easily move between the functions with little hassle. The 360 rotation clips reduces tangles letting you remain in control no matter the lead type while still letting your dog comfortably explore and walk. It is durable, strong and lightweight making it very comfortable to hold. Your daily walks will be a breeze!

Multi-Use Dog Harness Lead Specifications

  • Strong and Durable
  • 7 Different Multi-Use
  • 360 rotation
  • Dimensions: 210cm in length and 2.5cm thick

Additional information

Weight 2 kg