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Little Friends Plain Hammock Chocolate


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Forming part of Classic Pet Products’ range of Luxury soft bedding for small animals, which all incorporate great designs and colour variations, and are ideal for resting, playing and sleeping!

This Plain Hammock With Fleece Center is a variation on standard hammocks. It is large and so it suitable for larger pets such as ferrets and chinchillas in addition to being perfect for rats!

The centre of the hammock has a section of fleece attached to it – perfect for those cosy nights snuggled up with a friend!

It clips to the cage via sturdy metal clips attached to straps.

This hammock measures 50 cm (20″) corner to corner – the main body of the hammock is approx 30 cm (12″) and the fleece section is 20 cm (8″) wide.

It will comfortably fit 1 – 2 ferrets or 4 adult rats.

Please check regularly for signs of chewing and replace as necessary.

All Luxury Bedding can be machine washed at 30 Degrees C.