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Iams Senior Mature Chicken Dry Kibble Dog Food 1kg


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Iams Senior Mature Dog Food is extremely tasty and contains premium, high quality ingredients to help your dog benefit from an increased level of nutrition, to help keep your dog active and playing through their senior years.As your dog ages, they will require a little more helps to remain as strong.This very beneficial dry dog food contains a high level crude protein (26%) and crude oil (Beta Greyhound Dry Adult Dry Kibble Dog Food).Crude Protein helps to maintain and improve the healthy development of your dog’s bones and teeth, providing energy to keep your dog going throughout the day. Protein also helps to maintain a healthy muscle mass in senior dogs.Fibre (3%) helps to maintain a healthy digestive system, reducing stool and making it easier to clean up.Crude Oil can greatly benefit your dog’s skin and fur, helping to keep joints lubricated (containing Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids). Fats also help to maintain a balancedYour dog’s immune system will benefit a boost from a balanced vitamin, nutrient and mineral content.The dry, crunchy dog food contains 8% moisture, helping the kibble to be eaten easily by aging teeth. Crunchy food can help to make sure that your dog’s teeth stay in a good, healthy condition. The crunchy nuggets aid the removal of plaque from teeth, reducing tartar build up and improving all round oral health.IAMS Senior Mature dog food contains no artificial flavours, preservatives or colours, helping to reduce the risk of allergic reactions.Your dog will enjoy the very tasty flavour of the food, which can be fed as a complete dog food or as part of a daily meal.Weight: 1kgFlavour: ChickenSuitable for: Dogs aged 7+ yearsRRP: £5.99

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