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EGF Gastric Formula


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EGF Equine Gastric Formula – Formulated to support horses and ponies at risk of excess gastric acid production (ulcers). Unique points include: Ideal for horses and ponies at risk of excess gastric acid production, Use during stressful situations and for horses showing symptoms of anxiety. Promotes healthy gastric condition, Formulated using latest research. Benefits include: Contains premium ingredients to support optimum stomach health, Ideal for horses on a low forage diet, Very economical. KEY INGREDIENTS: Calcium; Magnesium; Prebiotics; L-Glutamine. ADMINISTRATION: Up to 300kg – Donkeys, Shetlands and Small Ponies – 25g daily; 300kg-600kg – Larger Ponies, Thoroughbreds, Light Hunters, Arabs – 41g daily; Over 600kg – Heavy Hunters Draught Horses – 60g daily. May be split between 2 feeds if required. 1 level scoop = approx 10g