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Dog Training Set


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This Set Includes:

Dog Training Set

The Dog Training Set is the perfect addition to any dog lovers kit. The set includes a whistle, clicker and bells to help you get the most out of your dog training. Help teach your dog a variety of commands with these training set tools. Tired of your pet not listening to you? With this three piece training set you can easily and comfortably find the best training method for you and your dog. The Dog Training Set allows you to train your pup safely and easily.

Dog Training Whistle

A dog training whistle is an effective tool for teaching your dog to follow your commands with a variety of whistle sequences. It produces an ultra sonic sound that is easier for dogs to hear. However, even dogs can’t hear all frequencies so this whistle can be easily adjusted to the correct frequencies for your pooch. The attached lanyard enables you to take this with you wherever you go and reduces the chance of it getting lost. It is convenient for letting you free us your hands so that you can interact with your dog while training.

Pet Training Clicker

The pet training clicker is the must have tool for classes or for sound sensitive animals. Comfortable and sleek in design and function, the dog training clicker is perfect for training your dogs to follow your commands. It has been designed to let you click at any moment and no matter how you grab it. You can click it sideways, upside down, with your palm, with your thumb or even with your foot. It is the perfect tool for anyone! The Pet Training Clicker is attached with an elasticised band so it can be comfortable attached to clothing or your wrist.

Training Bells

No more scratching at the door or barking when your dog wants to go out with our training bells! The Dog Training Bells are the perfect solution to potty training your pet. Your dog can be trained to easily and simply signal when they need to go outside. The bells are attached to the door’s handle and can be adjusted to best suit your dog.

Dog Training Set Specifications

  • Set comes with Whistle, Clicker and Bells
  • Instructions provided for Whistle and Clicker
  • Great for multiple types of training
  • Whistle Dimensions: 54cm with lanyard, 5cm x 0.5cm
  • Clicker Dimensions: 22cm, 6cm x 4cm
  • Bell Set Dimensions: 78cm to 82cm, 3.5cm x 2.5cm

Additional information

Weight 2 kg