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Dodson & Horrell Sixteen Plus Mix


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High fibre and oil mix for veteran horses and ponies prone to weight loss.

In the later years of life your horse or pony may find it increasingly difficult to maintain condition and weight.

Sixteen Plus Mix provides a solution in the form of an extremely palatable mix for the retired or active veteran that needs some additional support. The ideal combination of high fibre, oil and good quality protein ensures that your horse will receive all the nutritional support to encourage muscle tone, joint mobility, cell renewal and healthy digestion.

Elevated levels of vitamins and minerals are also added to ensure that no deficiencies occur and Yea-Sacc is included to help maintain a healthy digestive system.

Many veteran horses and ponies experience problems with stiffness and mobility, so glucosamine has been added to the ration to nutritionally maintain joint health.

A special Veteran QLC anti-oxidant package provides additional support to neutralise free radical activity which research has suggested increases with age.

Sixteen Plus Mix is approved and fed by the Veteran Horse Welfare.

Sixteen Plus Mix is approved and fed by the Veteran Horse Welfare.

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