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Chair Style Cat Tree - Grey


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Chair Style Cat Tree – Grey

This scratching post with high chair is suitable for those curious cats and kittens that love to explore and play. Your cat will enjoy playing or resting on the comfy platform at the top of this cat tree. Its design features a chair style platform atop a scratching post, with a fuzzy mouse toy dangling from it for playtime. The perfect solution to all your cats needs! It is compact and easily assembled, making it perfect for smaller spaces but still offers plenty of space for activities.

Saving Your Furniture

This Cat Tree with Scratching Post is the ideal fix for stopping your cat from scratching all your furniture and household items. Your cat will have a comfortable place to sleep and play, and your furniture will be destroyed no longer.

Multi-Level Fun

With a high chair overlooking the fluffy base, the cat tree provides multi-level fun for your feline friend. The chair platform sits at a comfortable height from the ground, giving your cat enough room to play and jump. The attached furry mouse adds attraction for your purring pal keeping them entertained and distracted for hours. There is also a fluffy ball atop a spring for even more fun! The Tree is perfect for when you cat wants to hide away and get some Zs.

Strong and Stable

This cat tree with scratching post is covered with a soft layer that is comfortable for your cats to sleep and soft on their paws. The solid base board adds durability and stability preventing any catastrophe making your cat safe when at play and at rest.

Cat Tree Specifications

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Strong and Durable
  • Perfect height for playing and jumping
  • Dimensions: 42cm x 30cm x 30cm

Additional information

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