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80cm Scratch Post – Grey

This wonderful 80 cm cat scratch post is ideal for keeping your furry friend entertained. Its sturdy and stable construction includes a thick base that prevents it from knocking over. This scratch post keeps your feline friend occupied, stimulated and happy (and saves your furniture!) with its satisfying scratchy surface. Its plush ball adds an extra attraction for the cat keeping them active and supplying them with hours of entertainment.

Saving your Furniture

This 80cm Scratch Post is perfect for indoor use so cats can enjoy scratching without ruining furniture. Not only will it deter your pets from clawing up your furniture and household textiles but the plush ball will also keep them active. Cats scratch to condition their claws and to stretch so it is advisable to provide a suitable post.

Fantastic Fun

The comfortable design of these 80cm scratch post can provide your cat with hours of entertainment. With a plush ball feature, your kitten can jump and chase keeping them active and entertained. The stable scratching feature allows your cat to stretch out.

Stable and Durably

This Scratch Post has a safe and durable design with a sturdy base to avoid tipping and wobbling, providing reliability and stability. It has a soft cover that is safe for your cats feet.

80cm Scratch Post – Grey Specifications

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Perfect for scratching and for fun
  • Made for indoor use
  • Dimensions: Base measures 35cm x 35cm, Post Diameter: 7cm, Max Height (including base): 85cm

Additional information

Weight 2 kg