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Calmavita Amorphous Calcium & Magnesium Powder For Horses 1200g


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Calmavita 100% Natural Product – Great Joint SupportHighly Concentrated, Unique Molecular Structure – Promotes Healthy TeethPromotes Strong BonesGreat for Stress ControlContains The Finest Bioavailable Nutrients – Provides Correct Balance of Calcium & MagnesiumCalmavita is 100% Natural a new generation dietary supplement for Small & Large Horses with double absorption. Dosage: Horses: 1 – 2 Teaspoon Daily. Method of Use: Moisten the feed with water, Sprinkle one to two teaspoon measure of Calcium Powder on to the moistened feed and thoroughly mix to ensure even distribution. Add To Regular feed Daily, Mix well and feed immediately. As long as you keep the top firmly closed on this product after each use, Calmavita is perfect and will keep and have an unlimited life span, as long as kept nice and dry.Ingredients:CaCO3+|MgCO3 + 92%, SiO2, Fe2O3, Al2O3