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BIODURA Balance Hoof Care

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BIODURA Balance Hoof Care


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New improved – balanced biotin hoof supplement containing Biotin, Methionine, Zinc, MSM and Vitamin C. Biotin – a vitamin necessary for normal growth, feed efficiency, reproduction, healthy skin and hoof formation. DL Methionine – an essential amino acid necessary for growth and a wide variety body processes. Zinc Sulphate – a trace element necessary for muscle and bone growth and food utilisation. Vitamin C – for its anti-oxidant properties and is essential to formation and maintenance of connective tissues. MSM – A rich source of organic sulphur. It’s also a component of connective tissue, the proteins that make up muscle, joints, skin, hair, hoof horn and keratin. Brewers Yeast – Excellent source of B-complex. Vitamins for growth and for nutrient utilisation. Calcium – plays an essential role in building stronger, denser bones/nails and is important for helping maintain healthy hoof growth.