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Breederpack Crunchy Complete for Cat 15 kg


Hills Feline Kitten Chicken 2kgs

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Lower in calories and ideal for overweight cats or those with a tendency to gain weight. Increased fibre to help your cat feel satisfactorily full. Grade A chicken meal as the primary ingredient – an excellent protein source that is both palatable and easily digestible. Ethically produced human grade chicken, no by-products, no battery farming. Lower in fat using only easily digestible pure chicken and fish oils. Super-premium quality ingredients – the very high digestibility of the recipe means that it may also be safely fed to senior cats.

This product as it is a special offer clearance deal may have signs of rips on bag but will be fine and any marks taped up to stop spilage. May have short date but this will be a best before date only and the product will be fine for a long period after this date, as long as kept in a dry place/stored. May also have plenty of date stated on it.