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Our horse feed are designed to ensure your horse, pony or donkey stays in prime condition. Straight feeds (such as bran, oats, nuts and chaff) enable you to mix specific amounts per feed to suit each equine’s dietary requirements. We all know that fussy eaters, reduced-intake diets and horses on medication are sometimes hard to accommodate with straight feeds; this is a lot easier.

The horse feeds come in a range of types to suit your budget and equine. They are mainly supplied to supplement grazing or field-based equines within a general horse welfare and management program. Our experts are on hand to assist with any advice or special requirements We help you enjoy your horse and care for a range of it’s needs the products are supplied by top well-recognised in the equestrian world.

Why choose us for horse feed

Our range of well-known horse feeds have a tried and tested history. The nutritional mixes and powders can be added to feed enhancing the medical health and performance of equines, and are well-suited to all types of horses and disciplines within the equestrian industry whether you are a private or professional rider or groom.

By improving the health and well-being of millions of horses and ponies building on existing formulations we see better outcomes, more manageable routines, and happier horses. You will love our horse supplements’ quality and making them part of your daily care routine.

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Can’t find the desired feed or brand?

Can’t find the horse feed you were looking for, please get in touch. Our Search & Select Service is available if you need any advice or a chat about finding certain pet care products in the UK. We will be happy to help you find what product will best fit your pet. Call us on: +44 7718797170 or email: