It’s party time and your puppy’s first New Year!  It’s going to be a bit like Guy Fawkes where loud noises from fireworks and lager louts and drunken moments.  Here are a few hints and Tips for keeping your puppies safe this New Year. 

  1. To calm your dog it is recommended to close the curtains and put on calming music at a suitable volume to minimise the noise of the fireworks and help reduce your dog’s anxiety. Anti-stress jackets: So-called “calming shirts” are proven to have a calming effect on animals.
  2. Habituation as early as possible.  By this we mean to socialise your pet with different and similar noises to get them used to the environment before show time.  Do this gently as it is important you don’t scare your pup before he may get really scared. 
  3. Desensitisation,  this may be quite similar to habituation.  It’s important here to get your puppy prepared in advance for the big event ie. Watching videos and listening to loud noises gently to start with.  You should do this as much in advance as possible.  Weeks if not months in advance.
  4. Walking your doggie.  Do this when it is quieter.  It’s important that they wear a collar and that you have an appropriate lead in these moments, as your pet may run off if there is a loud noise heard.  
  5. Keep your doggy in the house and with entertainment.  Close the curtains and keep them calm is the best suggestion if you haven’t prepared or your furry best friend.  

These hints and tips are a general rule and are well known.  They may just save your doggy from a lot of unnecessary stress and help maintain their temperament for the rest of the year. 

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