As it is National Pet Awareness Month we think it’s time to speak about how to be a little more aware of our Doggy’s needs and what to do about them.
National Pet Awareness Month


1, Security, our doggy’s need to feel secure just as much as us. They are a furry version of us almost. So, be mindful of loud noises, keep an eye on your puppy’s behaviour, and consider where they should be on fireworks night. It’s important to train your puppy from the start, however, please be considerate of where they feel safe when sleeping and when you are not in the house.

2. Comfort and a lot of love and a lot of this is necessary from the start! TLC in anyone’s life is important just as much as your furry friend. Hugs and kisses all wrapped up in a soft bed and blankets.

3, Food. It is recommended that you feed your doggy high-quality, high-protein, balanced dog food twice daily for adult dogs. Young puppies should start out eating three to four times a day and move to two meals around four months. Petz and Printz have a wide range of doggy food for various breeds, shapes, sizes and ages.  Click the link to explore.  

4, Water. Your dog should always have access to fresh, clean water. …you can also use a travel bowl to water your doggy.  There are lots of establishments that are dog friendly and have at least water bowls etc. to keep your pooch watered.   5, Places to Sleep, how about a sofa bed blanket, or a roll-up travel bed anywhere and have a comforting space to sleep? Aside from your homes, in the laundry, in their own created space, bed, crate and comfy area.  Dare I say it, your bed and maybe if you don’t mind your sofa wrecked, then your sofa.    6, Exercise is most important, and I’m sure we’ve spoken extensively about exercise and what your doggy needs to get exercise.  Such as leads, harnesses, training etc.  Petz and Printz have various different products to help with happy, healthy fitness regimes.  How you walk your doggy is up to you!  Walking in the woods, by the ocean, in the park or just up the road gives your pet the time it needs for more than just fresh air.  

7. An Enriched Environment, now this doesn’t necessarily have to be your home, although home is where the heart is.  An enriched environment is described as having motor, sensory, cognitive, and social stimulation for your pet.  So this is what you need to create for your doggy to be sustained in this area. Please feel free to some of the products with these areas in mind. 

8. Basic Supplies could include a collar, poo bags and a doggy shampoo.

9. Grooming, we’ve already covered this subject in one of our other blogs,  regular grooming vs luxury grooming.  It is essential for you to brush your doggy’s hair to make sure the oil is taken through, plus tooth brushing and a good shampoo are things you can do at home.  Though you can book your pup into a grooming parlour of your choice at any time.

10. Toys –  Two or three toys are essential for your doggy’s stimulation.  Two are three are best to avoid over stimulation.  Choose something that will keep their attention for lengths of time.  Check here for the latest range

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