Ultimately we may only have a short time during the day to spend one on one time with our furry friends.  Unless you have dedicated take your doggie to work day, when you have an extra colleague and he/she may feature a lot in your working day.  In other moments, you may want to have a think about how your keep your pet entertained, especially when you are not there.  It’s Christmas time, so many parties are in full steam, so alone time for your pet is inevitable. In the mean time here are a few ideas of how to keep your pet entertained: 

  1.  Hire a dog walker, that could be for free via a company called borrow my doggy, or a free house sit site.  Or you could search the web and pay someone to walk your pet during the day or night
  2. Keep them entertained with a complicated dog puzzle.  We have a few on our site that you could purchase.  These puzzles will take the smartest doggy some time to get through.
  3. You could make an ice cube filled with treats and if all else fails a good old fashioned bone will keep them entertained for hours. 
  4. On the food note, there is suggestion to hide food games around the house.  The trick is to keep your doggy interested, without  hiding the food games a little too well, which could cause disinterest.  Find different spots around the house that your doggy spends time in.
  5. Speak to neighbours who may have a doggy or two and share and swap times when you both need help.  Chances are there are enough neighbours who would be willing to help.  You could even have a select group who would hold a book and organise doggy swap times each week or month.  What a great idea.  
  6. It could be a simple window seat.  It is said that dogs love a good view.  Let them sit and wait, looking out the window until you get home.  If you have a good bay window with a comfy cushion, even better. 
  7. Adopt a new family member.  Dogs love a good companion and if they are the living breathing variety then they are in for a lot of fun.  Adding any doggy toys in there for good measure would be good too.  In this instance remove any goods that may get damaged,  making sure you fool proof everything is a must. 
  8. Last but least Doggy TV.  Buy a good dog bed and through in a few toys for company and he/she will be hooked for hours.  

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