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  1. It is said that our doggy’s like a walk after they’ve had their breakfast.  An Antiscoff bowl can help here.  Now breakfast may be early, so the walk may be placed with toileting.  Just by slowing your dogs feeding down, can aid their digestion.  This will assist your doggy in feeling better all round.  Dog walk included. 
  2. As we’ve mentioned dog bowls, lets take a little look at what we are feeding our pet.  There are all types of brands and consistencies of ingredients to help your make your decision.  Plus we have a recent blog to refer to if you would like to read more.  Whatever you are feeding your dog, will go into the deciding factor of when you will walk your doggy. As digestion is a key factor to feeling good.  
  3. In this current climate, no one can really tell if it’s going to be cold or going to rain.  So, whilst we are all deciding, maybe have a look at your doggy’s coat.  I don’t just mean his fur, I mean his pullover or a jacket too.  Dog coats aren’t just trends you know, they are a real need.  Making sure your doggy is covered for his outside adventures is too is paramount for a good long walk. 

Blizzard Coat


  1. Choosing the right lead can help with where to walk your dog.  An easy release and attach lead can help. That’s the long and the short of it.   A wooded area is a common choice for most dog walkers.  Be prepared to put your wellies on if it’s muddy. 
  2. We may be inclined to think about the cold weather as it’s winter. If you are walking any time of the year at the beach on the sand, it’s important you check in-between your pet’s toes. What I also need to mention is this…  If you are taking your doggy to the beach and walking your dog in the summer?  Make sure to check the temperature of the sand and or the surface.  Things can get a bit hot for our furry friends and they, especially without their owners, may not find it as easy to adjust.  
  3. Last but not least, fresh air.  Anywhere is good if you don’t have woods, beach, park or even a field.  Our furry friends still need to stretch their legs and take in some fresh air.  Even if it is around the block, you’ll be assisting your doggy’s health and happiness. 
Image sourced via Unsplash

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