With the return of British summer we say hello once again to flies and the problems they bring our equine companions.

Here are our top tips for keeping your horse happy and fly-free this summer.


Use a quality fly sheet. Nothing beats a physical barrier for protecting your horse and quality fly gear is essential over the summer. Fly sheets and masks should cover the sensitive areas around the eyes, muzzle, ears and belly and be fitted securely. For those worried about the fickle British weather, there are many fly rug options with built-in rain protection, to avoid those mid-day rug changes.

Use a garlic-based fly spray. It’s long been said by equestrians that feeding garlic to horses repels flies. However, garlic is actually much more effective as a fly repellent when applied directly to the coat in your fly spray instead! Some other effective ingredients include citronella oil and Avon’s Skin So Soft. Look out for fly sprays with these ingredients or have a go at making your own!

Use fly traps around fields. Agricultural fly traps in hotspot areas near your field are a great way to reduce the number of flies before they even reach your horse. There are many kinds available, including zappers, bucket traps, flypaper, sticky traps and more. Whatever you use, make sure it is out of reach of horses, emptied often and set out early before the insects begin breeding and multiplying.

Reduce standing water, clean water reservoirs and keep on top of muck. Insects love laying their eggs in standing water and organic matter, and such areas can quickly become breeding grounds. By keeping on top of hygiene in these areas, the opportunities for flies to reproduce are minimised and you’ll have fewer of them around in the long term. If you’d like help finding the best fly protection products for your horse, we offer a Search and Select shopping service to find you exactly what you need.

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