Everything you need to know about going on holiday with pets

Do you decide to stay at home in the holidays?  There are quite a few decisions to make when thinking about what to do with your dog or pet and when to travel. Or even if to travel.  

Here are a few hints and tips of what to do if you are thinking about having a holiday.  

  1. Stay at home and take you dog to the beach more regularly.  Long walks and swims in the sea can really help your doggy develop.  Remembering to keep your pet hydrated (see our Summer Do’s & Don’ts to keep your pet hydrated and safe this summer).  Your doggy won’t like the heat under his/her feet.  So be sure not to walk them when it’s not piping hot.  Try early morning or early evening.  Plus a spot that has lots of shade. 
  1. Find a local staycation suitable for pets especially dogs and go away for a few days!  Preparing for your pets comfort is paramount, take a look at our Summer Selection to help you.  During either side of the pandemic this has been a popular getaway.  There are bound to be lots of parks and other areas opening up to this kind of holiday.  Take a look as to what would be most suitable for you and your doggy.
  1. Doggy day care or a kennel could be an option.  It’s important that you find someone you and more importantly your dog can trust.  There’s nothing worse than having your pet and his or her treatment on your mind the whole time you are away.  You’re better off staying at home and having down time in this instance. You may want to travel abroad.  You may just want time by yourself.  The choice is yours.
  1. Employ a house sitter, in fact why not have one for free.  House sitters are usually dog and pet sitters also.  There are so many different sites to choose from.  They may be a couple, a family or a single person who may have their own pets too.  There may be a nominal fee to join these websites,  though well worth it if you can find someone who is verifiable.  Then why not ask them to walk your dog, bath your dog, feed your dog plus many other tasks that you may not usually have time for!  Why not it’s what they are there for.  
  1. Pet quarantine.  You may want to fly, train, boat, drive over at least European borders.  This is not uncommon, though, there are different costs and legalities to taking your dog or pet out of the country, though if you abide by all of these rules, why not take your pet to a foreign state. See here for further details on how to take your dog or pet out of the country.  

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